Start Spreading…

A reference to Sinatra perhaps, or the fact that I’ll finally join my peanut-minded brothers in arms in approximately 12 hours: either way I am New York bound today. And while I could have posted a whole gallery of strawberry-hued images of the string-lit Brooklyn Bridge, or a shopping list of places I might want to go and eat (Dunkin’ Donuts for a hazelnut filter: you’re up first), I’m settling for a photo of Celine Dion, from the upcoming issue V Magazine. Less a nod to my new location, more a complete photographic presentation of my excitement level – currently at fierce. See you on the other side (of the Atlantic).


Cool Rider

I’ve seen these pictures doing the rounds recently, and though it’s always nice to post something you can half claim was your discovery, I thought they were too cool not to share. Taken by Life magazine’s staff reporter, Bill Eppridge, in New York in 1965, they capture the fun, and spontaneity of the then-growing sport – between 1960 and 1963, a total of fifty million were sold in the United States. I’m all for skaters like Clueless’ Travis, but the elegance of both the man above – note the tie clip – and the white-shirted young guns further down, is so sharp and fresh, it makes me not-so-secretly wish more of them carved up the pavement or slid rakishly down the centre of the street.

{Pictures from Honestly WTF and The Retronaut}