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Beaming Geometry

I could probably turn Red Nails into a blog solely devoted to photographs of cool light and smoke installations and no one would know any better. While I’m going to park editorial redirection for the moment, the work of Jim Sanborn, an American artist and sculptor, is worth considering. His long exposure photos of gigantic light-installations in the American and Irish wilderness, are eerily stunning – framing the enormous scale of the natural monuments with their geometric beams. I particularly like pictures 2 and 4 (in order of scrolling) with the constellations captured so perfectly behind them.

{Bandon, Oregon}

{Cainville, Utah}

{Rough Rock, Arizona}

{Notom, Utah}

{Longsturn, County Cork, Ireland}

Art, Photography


Given that there are now warnings of another Icelandic volcano eruption – this time, the more pronounceable Katla – I thought it high time I posted these shots of the erupting Eyjafjallajökull (alternatively known as That Icelandic Volcano That Ruined Western European Airspace With It’s Ash Cloud Goddamn It), which appeared on most blogs last year.

If there was ever a series of photos that made my world a little bit more magical every time I see them, it’s these: the stunning panorama aside, I love the blurred stars in the first, and the neon arcs of the lightening storm throughout. Juxtaposed with the snow, the scene, as captured by the time lapse, is beautifully apocalyptic.

{Images via ffffound}