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Natural Light

Articles about ‘how to run a blog’ are frequently embedded with curious wisdoms. ‘Write as if you talk’ is one, and another is ‘write absolutely regularly so your readers know when to expect your posts’. Advice I’d like to follow, if only I could get my malapropisms under control, or have my greatest brainwaves at 11 a.m. every morning. Another such wisdom is to keep an editorial calendar, like any other media company. With paid work and the vagaries of the London transport system making my homebound journey anything between 35 minutes and an hour and a half long, cracking on with tomorrow’s post when you’ve walked through the door at 9 p.m. isn’t always manageable. Besides, and here we approach the crux of this post: my editorial calendar, with the exceptions of Fridays, would almost certainly centre on posts about food markets, and posts about art and sculpture that either uses smoke or neon light. A trickily niche set of interests: and yet here’s another post on precisely the latter.

American artist Barry Underwood illuminates natural, organic landscapes with orbs, cables and glowing structures, infusing otherwise pastoral scenes with alien doses of light. I particularly like the firefly-effect in Brush Brook above and the glowing eggs of neon in Orange below: both enchanting and incongruous. A very modern enchanted woods, no less.

{Via DesignBoom}

Art, Photography

Beaming Geometry

I could probably turn Red Nails into a blog solely devoted to photographs of cool light and smoke installations and no one would know any better. While I’m going to park editorial redirection for the moment, the work of Jim Sanborn, an American artist and sculptor, is worth considering. His long exposure photos of gigantic light-installations in the American and Irish wilderness, are eerily stunning – framing the enormous scale of the natural monuments with their geometric beams. I particularly like pictures 2 and 4 (in order of scrolling) with the constellations captured so perfectly behind them.

{Bandon, Oregon}

{Cainville, Utah}

{Rough Rock, Arizona}

{Notom, Utah}

{Longsturn, County Cork, Ireland}