Watch If You’re Smart

Of which the latter half is kind of exactly what happened yesterday, when Red Nails was Freshly Pressed. But where Kelis had her lactose success, I’ve got my 15 seconds on the WordPress homepage, and I may have made a few furious calls to my nearest and dearest, and by proxy, Twitter to tell ’em all so. It was a charm, and the comments – on my post about Jennifer Mehigan’s awesome work – were awesome. Turns out we all dislike chemistry (tick: I knew I represented the majority), have a little bit of a fetish for architecturally correct drawings, and like a good daub of colour which restores my faith in the world no end. So hello to my popping-fresh followers, brought here by an algorithm and a penchant for pretty arson, and ‘sup to my legacy collection, who were here before we’d ever got round to deciding whether Red Nails’ milkshake was skinny, full fat, or included a teaspoon of malt and have hung round this yard regardless of the fact that flavours had been a little low over the past month. ¬†All you kids rock. I’m baking fresh sides.