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Fresh in posts that don’t write themselves, a seven day hiatus between the last Han Friday and here, while I headed home for a normal-sized weekend that ended up feeling long, and spent my summer evenings soaking up the heat. The weekend, perhaps more moderately temperatured than the sweltering past five days, was great – for reasons beyond the fact that I warped the space-time continuum and seemed to spend three weeks there rather than two nights. We made several coffee-and-cake trips (new favourites: The Lavender Bakehouse¬†and hazelnut brownies from the cafe at Brewery Arts), and poked around the new stock at Pegasus Arts, which is fast becoming the best outfitter to even your slightest artistic tendencies (I’m saving up for watercolour pencils). And then we just hung out, and walked on the common with the cows and buttercups and gallopy horses, and it was then I realised how terribly sweet the green grass of home looked.

{The Bakehouse + it’s stupidly cute cakes}

{Breakfast at The Bakehouse + tea in Pegasus, my long-time favourite art shop}

{Saying hi to the moo cows + cross-town traffic}

{The clearest of city skies + fresh blooms on evening walk home}

{Evening colours: hot pink lipstick, burnt orange brick}

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So this may be a timed post – I can predict now that childish excitement about Santa’s overnight visit will be supplanted by a bit of a red wine lie-in tomorrow morning and it’s likely that when this post goes live, I’ll still be hiding from the world and anything with an in-built camera – but the sentiment is still very much real: Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year from me!

I’m going take a short break from blogging until the New Year – I’m heading to Scotland for Hogmanay, and laptops and six-hour train journeys from London to Edinburgh and onwards never really get on well – but I will be back with so much cool stuff in 2012 it will be worth the wait.

Until then, have a wonderful time with you and your kin, and here are a few photos from the last few nights at home for you to enjoy.


Hannah x

{The tree, in all it’s ‘finished’ glory: complete with ping-pong headed angels, and bake-clay glittered decorations I made when I was three}

{Sunrise over the hills on Christmas Eve morning. I can’t get over the colour of the sky}

{Charades, and satsumas. This year’s game was a¬†marathon}