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Han Friday

Han Friday

{Lay Your Cards Out by POLIÇA: listening to this on repeat}

{Love Lou Mora’s smoke shots: more on his blog}

{Francis Ford Coppola’s Palazzo Margherita: I know y’all linking to it, but I want to go there too}

A pink themed week, to reflect it’s merry end, should National Rail hold up: at my Mother’s, in the countryside, with a large glass of cheap rose and proper home food. I’m so excited – and already trying to work out how much public transport might break down between here and the mainline station – that I can hardly type. So I won’t, and will instead leave you to get lost somewhere between POLIÇA’s debut albumCoppola’s southern Italy home, and the hazy Californian dreams of Lou Mora. Three lovely things, two lovely weekend days to fill, one hour until my train departs.

Art, Fashion, Han Friday

Han Friday

{You’ll be able to order Naomi Wilkinson prints online soon – I’m beyond excited}

At the risk of sounding like an appalling alto version of Annie – and jinxing it – the sun is coming out tomorrow (it even made an appearance this morning, making my walk to the train station epically lovely). After a few too many weekends wondering if I would ever have a chance to wear a light sweater and open toed shoes again, I plan on spending my time outside, topping up paltry Vitamin D supplies. I’ll be restarting my morning jog efforts too (I’m a fairweather runner, if ever there was one) and heading to one of the nine trillion cute coffee and cake places on Stoke Newington’s Church Street (destination so far undecided) with friends. But beyond that, I’ve purposely kept arrangements and plans to a minimum, to better enjoy London in the sun before heading home next weekend.

{Swooning over this neon lace number and this kaftan by from the new Asos Salon range}

{William Miller’s series of ruined polaroids: Rothko and satellite images have good looking babies}

{I’ve been playing around with this app: blossom and a cloudless sky on my walk to work this morning seemed like a good opportunity to test it}