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Han Friday

With the prospect of a 3.30 a.m. start in howling rain for Record Store Day looming very large this lunchtime it felt right that music’s overlords could throw us a bone. And they did in a grand scale, at least for Ryan (I was at home, in my holey grey thin leggings and incapable of leaving the house), who ended up having a protracted conversation at Duke’s Brew and Que with none other than Robert Plant last night. They even discussed the bathroom design (pro tip: the taps are operated by a foot pump. If it confuses you, it also confused Plant, so don’t fret). I would recount more, but Ryan’s voicemails / text messages about the whole event are over-excited to the point of not making any sense whatsoever. Rock god, and then some. So in honour, one of my favourite Led Zeppelin tracks below, and two other more visually colourful things that have blown my mind this week: Holi celebrations to the front and some Tumblr-tastic sequinned mermaid business from Flare magazine bringing up the rear. Fancy pants, fancy blog milestone, fancy seeing you here ROBERT FREAKING PLANT.

{Bekah Jenkins by Chris Nicholls for Flare magazine, May 2011}

{Ryan is yet to confirm Jimmy Page’s guitar solo in this song is Robert Plant’s ringtone, but I suspect as much}