Hand Hewn

I would like to pretend that my recent – and totally ridiculous – fascination with sturdy, rustic tables was due to an increasing need to remind myself of my country roots; or that, having frittered ludicrous sums of money away on cheap, polyester clothing, I had finally reached a stage where I’d made the link about buying quality over quantity and was starting with my decor. Really, I think it’s just because I’ve got a little old, and a little boring, and in a frenzy of organising things last weekend I managed to persuade a certain design Nazi to help me put up all the pictures that had been languishing, propped against my wall and getting all linty and so now, you know, I think I’m Kelly Hoppen. Anyhow, as I’m not one to keep my furniture fetishes secret (I like a good oak finish, and if metal ‘upcycled’ details are included, it’s business time) and so presented without further ado: the tables I’d have in my kitchen, in my dream home – a result of a Pinterest binge. Oh and as an aside update on kitchen activity – the vegetarian-for-Lent thing is going swell, having got the hand of puy lentils. See: boring pulse-based banter, of the very worst sort.

{All images via Pinterest}

Art, Design

Test Tube Baby

Look you guys: I made a fertility joke! Chromosomes are always hilarious! They also have nothing to do with this test tube chandelier by Polish designer Pani Jurek, so we’re going to leave the zygotes at the door  and instead concentrate on what a supremely cool idea this is (except at parties, where your lighting fixture could turn into a fancy shot-glass dispensary) and marvel at how whimsical something fabricated out of entirely utilitarian components can be. You may need vast amounts of food colouring and pipe cleaners to create and clean the effect below but when I am fabulously successful, and living in a home with Scandinavian standards of interior light, I plan on stockpiling precisely those two things. Convenient, that.

{Photos via Trendland}