Foxy Lady

It could be because the last of London’s summer days have arrived, and the ludicrous blooms that hung over every wall, in every forgotten car lot, and creeped up every mottled brick wall are slowly yellowing, crisping in preparation for Autumn; or it might be that this blog, in the casual gaps between me updating and not has gone to ground and developed its own rules about what can or what can’t be posted and settled only for something floral; or simply that a particularly blossomy bout of tonsillitis has left me yearning for pinks and oranges and yellows and blooms that aren’t attached to superfluous glands at the back of my throat. But either way, I keep returning to Kari Herer‘s Etsy shop and redrawing my list of prints I might like in the new place. It doesn’t help that she’s gone for peonies and ranuculus, and if I wasn’t a sucker of peanut butter first, I’d eat those by the spoonful instead but who can really deny a bunny with a flower for a tail? Or agree that those awful horn beetles are much nicer when made of magnolias and ink rather than exoskeletons and beetle… juice? Glad we’re still on the same page chaps. Beginning to think I’d lost you.

PS. I fly to New York for one week tomorrow! Any recommendations?


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