Han Friday

Han Friday

{Lay Your Cards Out by POLIÇA: listening to this on repeat}

{Love Lou Mora’s smoke shots: more on his blog}

{Francis Ford Coppola’s Palazzo Margherita: I know y’all linking to it, but I want to go there too}

A pink themed week, to reflect it’s merry end, should National Rail hold up: at my Mother’s, in the countryside, with a large glass of cheap rose and proper home food. I’m so excited – and already trying to work out how much public transport might break down between here and the mainline station – that I can hardly type. So I won’t, and will instead leave you to get lost somewhere between POLIÇA’s debut albumCoppola’s southern Italy home, and the hazy Californian dreams of Lou Mora. Three lovely things, two lovely weekend days to fill, one hour until my train departs.


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