London, Photography

Wisteria Lanes

Because last week’s post proved popular, another Instagram update. Canny, eh? This weekend we pretended to be tourists in our own town, and perhaps on a little too little sleep (my fault), decided that seven hours of mooching around South West London was just the ticket to blow the cobwebs away. Or indeed, acquire a mild sunburn, as it turns out. But putting the perils of patchy cloud cover aside, it was a refreshing taste of life in quarters of the city where the inhabitants probably aren’t in the habit of waking up to find the friendly local lunatic has settled into an early morning routine of yelling “Bruv, bruv… BRUV. You got any change?” at every passing vehicle, person, dog. In fairness, this was adjusted to “love” when the ladies passed, but still: I forgot how nice Chelsea is for weekend wander. Evidence as follows, should I forget again.

{Ladurée mews houses off the Kings Road + the Victoria Memorial}

{The Mandarin Oriental, and Harvey Nicks decorations + Lola’s Cupcakes at Harrods}

{The Queen’s front yard + the loveliest wisteria blooms on Royal Hospital Road}

{Bright sunlight in Knightsbridge + London, looking like Cair Paravel}

… and my favourite shot, which required no Instagramming…

*To follow on Instagram, I’m beaming live from @rednailsandteacups


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