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It may have required me attempt to spell phosphorescence about nineteen times over before giving up, cursing the English tradition of spelling things with about nine superfluous letters, and resorting to a cursory Google search, and then getting angry because it was so obvious, but these light installations by Korean artist Lee Eunyoel are so far up my street I’d commission my own if I had the resources. To wit: previous light installations by Barry Underwood, Jim Sanborn and Bruce Munro have all hung out on this corner of the internet, and as yet, I’m still not quite over how visually stunning the medium is. The otherworldliness – and the fact this work remains on the right side of spooky (and equally, doesn’t go the other direction, and make an Avatar set out of the wilderness) – is what gets me. Just image standing there, surrounded by light.

{Photos via MyModernMet}


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