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Mind Map

Or rather, headshot-with-landscape-projection, but the witty title I came up with in the shower at 6.23 a.m. this morning didn’t make it past me shaving my second shin, so we’ll reference a revision aide and be done with it. Today: the mixed-media work of Matt Wisniewski, self-school web developer and creator of visual experiments. Or, as I like to call them, fashionable prepubescent Tumblr fodder of the very best kind – in so far as those of us who aren’t wondering whether a Radiohead tattoo would be an ironic, beta or meta personal development while we plot our escape out of High School and into the pages of Rookie, can enjoy and love them. I have a particular thing for the mountainous series – I’m increasingly drawn to black and white photography – but the eye needs colour like Aloe Blacc needs dollar, and the floral-agrarian series are just as dreamy.

{To view more, Matt’s portfolio is hosted here}


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