Black Power

By way of a content warning: this post is a little less Martin Luther King, a little more on Pantone. After Record Store Day madness on Saturday, a lazy Sunday with one of the Back to the Futures on the box found me absorbed in the portfolio of French- domiciled photographer Sherif Elhage’s portfolio. Whereas lazy online browsing normally finds me lost down a rabbit hole of fashion websites, scrolling listlessly through grainy scans of super-exclusive Korean editorials before I realise my eyes are crossed and it’s all got deadly boring,  I instead wound up looking at every single photo Elhage had to offer. Not ideal for engineering the Sunday night traditional pizza / beer / movie night on time, very good for a dose of Monday goodness. Presented here, his latest series, photographed between 2006 and last year: a study in black. Not an immediate draw, on an internet where every third photographer is making a play for a Kinfolk feature*, but such a beautiful way of drawing the eye where normally others rely on soft focus and cold, white light. I particularly like the joint-the-dot outline of the carousel below, and the pretty house lights: twinkly, rather than spooky, in a very large expanse of other.

{Photos from here}

*I love Kinfolk.


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