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Tyne, Forth, Cromarty

In direct contrast to Mark Tipple’s photos of surfers diving beneath beach waves from a few weeks back,  here we consider Corey Arnold’s pictures of the ocean in all its colossal malevolence. Or rather, marvel, and realise that romantic notions of the sea are all very well, but actually, the ocean is very, very big. And very, very cold. Particularly so in the Northern Pacific, where Corey photographed his latest series Wolf Tide (though some of these photos come from his archive). Corey captures perfectly the interplay of life at sea: the light over the crest of an enormous swell, or through the translucent wings of a gull; the tentative first steps of a kitten on its first day out of the cabin versus the tipping of a vast tanker in an even more gigantic landscape of sea and mountains, which is why his photography is so interesting. Just as jobs on shore have their mundane moments, so it seems there are littler moments if you are a commercial fisherman.

{Photos from MyModernMet and but it does float}


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