Han Friday, London, Music, Photography

Han Friday

I am in Gloucestershire, I am all but 48 hours away from my first mouthful bacon since the end of February, and the living, as is normally the case when you have two short weeks in a row (I’m as close to an atheist Lent it’s possible to be without actually not doing Lent, but thanks Christians, for that two free holidays either side of the weekend: inspired) is easy. So having missed a beat the past two weeks, I’m back, joyfully, on my Friday broadcast and to celebrate, doing the sort of dance in my underpants that you’d never be able to unsee. I lie. I’m sitting here drinking tea with no make up on. But pathological problems with the truth aside let me direct les yeux elsewhere: above, a new technicolour offering from OK GO; below, a preview of a completely perfect day at Kew Gardens (up on here and in yo’ face next week, minus Sandie Shaw); beyond that, James Appleton’s photos of the northern lights casually mixed with a humungous volcano eruption. Feast your eyes, feast your ears, feast on chocolate while I endure the meat sweats come Sunday.

{James Appleton’s photo of the Northern Lights above Eyjafjallajökull via Wired}


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