I promise I haven’t been ignoring y’all. And busy isn’t normally a good excuse, but the last couple of weeks have been so crammed full o’ stuff (I’m going with a Southern twang in today’s post it seems) that various things on my to-do list just fell off, to be replaced by sleep and moreso, some much-needed time out with the people I care about. So, an unannounced absence perhaps but rest assured (say you were getting frenetic) that the blog returns to full-whack-normal service tomorrow with a full formed Han Friday, and the full dose of posts (bar a day off on Easter Monday) next week. In the meantime, I’ll be kick, push, hanging out with my homeslices at home in Gloucestershire – of which the pictures above were snapped when I was back for my birthday in February. Painswick Churchyard, pals, a lady we’ll call Mum and a boy we’ll call Ryan. Nothing like a postcard to say: I’ve missed you, ‘publish’ button.


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