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Monday Miscellany

Because I quite spectacularly failed to publish a Han Friday last week, I’ve created an entirely new weekday-day themed post to gloss over the fact: Miscellany Monday. Inspired, no?  So without further a do, some bits and pieces from last week that I would have shared earlier, if you know, life, death and the universe had got in the way. From top: the offcuts from a bargain bucket chrysanthemums, glowing in last Sunday’s very early, very bright sunrise; another brunch at Duke’s; what I hope will be the last time I wear an all black outfit with Spring underway; M.Ward working at the Leicester Square theatre (he played both Poison Cup and his cover of Let’s Dance, and my heart broke and was made new before I’d even finished my Kronenburg) and flowers blooming along the Regents canal. Some, for the first time in ages, via Instagram, which I sort of forgotten existed on my phone. Bit like finding a fiver in your pocket, only with more filters.


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