Hand Hewn

I would like to pretend that my recent – and totally ridiculous – fascination with sturdy, rustic tables was due to an increasing need to remind myself of my country roots; or that, having frittered ludicrous sums of money away on cheap, polyester clothing, I had finally reached a stage where I’d made the link about buying quality over quantity and was starting with my decor. Really, I think it’s just because I’ve got a little old, and a little boring, and in a frenzy of organising things last weekend I managed to persuade a certain design Nazi to help me put up all the pictures that had been languishing, propped against my wall and getting all linty and so now, you know, I think I’m Kelly Hoppen. Anyhow, as I’m not one to keep my furniture fetishes secret (I like a good oak finish, and if metal ‘upcycled’ details are included, it’s business time) and so presented without further ado: the tables I’d have in my kitchen, in my dream home – a result of a Pinterest binge. Oh and as an aside update on kitchen activity – the vegetarian-for-Lent thing is going swell, having got the hand of puy lentils. See: boring pulse-based banter, of the very worst sort.

{All images via Pinterest}


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