Han Friday

Han Friday

{Amazing edible Pantone food tartlets, by Emilie de Griottes}

I could perhaps say – the narrative would certainly suit the material – that this was the week when the colour came back. When it felt, for the first time in a while, like I was breathing properly rather than drowning in a bath I’d drawn for myself. This was the week I saw dusk from the pavement rather than from the belly of a fluorescent cavern of in-trays and printer queues; when candy rows of Marylebone mews made me warm with the memory of summer evenings long gone; when I wrote posts I was proud to publish. When I slept. And so, in enjoying the week, today has arrived before I kind of figured it would. Before I started to worry – as I have in previous weeks – that it might never turn up. It’s such a lovely feeling. Happy, happy Friday London.

{Manhatta, a short film by photographer Paul Strand and painter Charles Sheeler, filmed in 1921}

{Glowing Man, by Joseph Sutton}

{Above: my favourite secret row of houses; Magnolia blooms in Whitechapel}


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