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If fashion magazines and Scott Schuman have collectively taught me one thing, it’s that at some point in late February, in cities considerably warmer and temperate that London, fashion reaches critical mass. After spending months waxing lyrical about the joys of layering, the benefits of Arran wool, the joys pairing chunky socks with spindly heels, the genius of Uniqlo’s line in skin-fitting thermals, fashion editors realise that they’ve been wearing the same fifteen pairs of black jeans for five months and freak the hell out. A condition not uncommon to the average dresser – there becomes a point when you’d rather stab your gloves rather than wear them – just skinner, with better skin. And so, in the hiatus between opaque black tights and white crochet, multiple prints become the de facto preserve of the street-styled classes.

Which is all very well, if you’ve got the eye for mixing prints two by two to create sartorial kaleidoscopes, but I frequently don’t. So these are the examples (from various seasons: this is an annual thing) I’ll be looking to, before I’m forced, shrinkingly, into my first sundress. And they have their own recurring themes. Geometric blue-based patterns, reflective of navy and denim, create an even, neutral palette while micro florals allow a nod to springtime meadows without the need for the wearer to make like a botanical garden. Metallics offset simple motifs and black and white goes well with everything – even something else that is itself black and white. Similarly, accessories that pick out standalone colours help keep cohesion and clean, neat hardware in the form of smart, metallic watches and simple bracelets allow your limbs a little down time from the festival on your torso. And should all else fail, look to a monochrome band t-shirt to offset the party south of your private parts.

{Photos: Nos. 1, 2, 6, 9, 10 via The Sartorialist; Nos. 3, 5, 11 Tommy Ton for, Nos. 4, 8 via Pinterest; No. 7 via The Man Repeller}


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