Han Friday

Han Friday

{Sparkly skulls on the walls at Duke’s, a new addition to the breakfast / craft beer scene, and latest weekend brunch favourite}

Turns out – WordPress has a joyful way of telling you these things, of reassuring you that blogging is a worthwhile pursuit of your time, and not just extended twittering but salient crowd analysis of the human condition – that this here Han Friday post is the 101st post I’ve written. Which could mean this blog moves in one of two directions. Either we make like a Dalmatian and bound on, joyfully (without the pee on the floor that one associates with herds of young dogs), and retire to a nice house in Regents Park or we pull an Orwell and  consign this phase to the Ministry of Love. I’ll be mulling this, and other such things over this weekend: we braved the rain and the Isle of Dogs  to visit the Maritime Museum at Greenwich last weekend, and discovered an American coffee stand at the market (Maple & Walnut! Jack Daniels! French Vanilla!), so amongst other intellectually-stretching things, I’ll be figuring how to make a pot of coffee that tastes as good as it smells. And hopefully doing a little more cooking: I made a variation of this lentil ragu last week, and whether it’s because I’m steak-starved or not, it cooked up to be a close contender to favourite bolognese recipe ever.

{Abstract collages by Malin Gabriella Nordin that remind me of geodes}

{Studded Hearts’ picture of the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week – one of my favourite sets to date. And, y’know, a geode-o-rama}

{Saturday sunset from the Millennium Bridge, looking west to Waterloo. Ray Davies, you were so right}

{More blazing gold at the Old Royal Naval College Chapel, in Greenwich}


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