Paper Cathedrals

Rather than make this about anything other than the pictures at hand, and without segueing off into any of the following; jellyfish, squid, Goldman Sachs, monolithic societal structures, The Church (my initial chain of thought when seeing these structures and writing this post before I got real and made myself a cup of tea and gave myself a manicure), I’ll cut to the chase. I think these suspended paper sculptures by Dutch artist Peter Gentenaar  are wonderful, and should it turn out that heaven is not a halfpipe, and rather the Saint-Riquier church (near Abbeville in the Somme Region in France, dummy), complete with these freeform paper cathedrals, I’ll make like O.P.M., and die before I wake.

{Originally posted on MyModernMet}


One thought on “Paper Cathedrals

  1. stunning!so i just checked out the Gentenaar site…check out the spellings :)

    Januari 28 – March 10 2012
    The opening of the new exhibition is on Saterday January 28 at 4 pm and wil be held by the collectioneur, Peter A. van den Brandhof from Doesburg.
    You are warmly invited.

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