Fade To Grey

Because I am turning a year older today and am suffering the melodramatic paroxysms of a quarter-life crisis (mostly existential but with occasional concerns that at some point during this decade I should start buying soft furnishings in lieu of H&M’s finest polyester stylings or perhaps have a hairstyle that requires morning blowdrying, because proper women use mousse) we will not ruminate on annual reminders that I still haven’t really learnt how to apply ‘daytime’ make-up, claw back council tax charges or eat healthily when no one is watching, and just look at the pictures taken this weekend. As much as I love saturated, pixellated visions of a previous fleeting instant, the soft neutrals of various museum and brunch trips and riverside walks against that aqua sky, make me wonder whether the sun may have quietly flickered on for summer: and the trauma of twnety-fourth birthdays aside, surely that glimmer alone is something worth creasing your collagen for.


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