Art, Photography

French Birds

Just as Armstrong was nothing without Aldrin,  beef is little without horseradish, weekends are null and void without a cup of coffee in bed, and articles about Paris bereft without superfluous references to make-up free, pneumatic French girls in breton tops, there’s nothing quite as Etsy as homespun watercolours on vintage (French) paper. That said, I have a small, but certain crush on these latest doodles from impossibly-named Coco de Paris. They’re cute and cheery, and more importantly, cheap enough for me to buy in bulk and pretend they’re all the work of my own fair hand. Which is helpful given it’s Fashion Month and every hot chick on the front row is suddenly an actress/model, singer/stylist, writer/photographer, daughter-of-someone-legitimately-famous/muse. I can now be Hannah Randall: singer, songwriter, model, actress, writer, artist, liar. Fashion is so liberating, non?


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