Han Friday

Han Friday

E equals MC squared, the one certainty of life is that it ends with death, lasagne is always better a day old and microwave-heated, and if the mounting fever is anything to go on this week, I will never go  as much as one birthday without being stratospherically excited that I get to blow out more candles. Incontrovertible facts of life aside, this was the week I managed to cook to the letter of the recipe (I made this bomb-proof recipe for meatballs); discover a new favourite beer at the (soft) opening of Duke’s Brew & Que;  laugh myself practically unconscious at One Man, Two Guvnors and almost get this blog back to five posts a week. Winning perhaps, but I may end up combusting with unrequited lust for Mary Katrantzou’s x Topshop  before I have time to realise, step back, bastardise Ice Cube and tell ya’ll it was a good week. 

{Currently sitting on my desk}

(Winter in the Crimea: a stunning series of photos of winter in the Ukraine by Daniel Korzhonov}

{I’ve grown inexplicably in love with Midnight in Paris, and the theme tune in particular. I’m not even a particular Paris freak. Go figure.}


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