Fashion, Food, London

Winter Brights

{Discuss: flowers look their best in brown paper}

So Valentine’s was yesterday, my birthday is next Tuesday and because it’s February, the recurring surprise that someone has decided to pay me for my jazz hands, funny walk and cranial synapses will come round that much sooner, but the overwhelming impression I always have of February is that it exists to test the global population’s patience. Tryptophan overloads in December have given way to wretched cold turkeys in January, and though the weather dictates otherwise, by the time February comes around shops are already gearing up for the elusive, somewhat-mythical English summer. Except of course, it’s freezing cold, and street-lamp lit in the mornings. Here are a few of the things that have injected a little slice of nice into my weekends recently, and for those of you eyeing up those dates from Persian food heaven Zardosht: visit Broadway Market on Saturdays, where you can grab chicken marinated in ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and rose-infused orange juice (and then oven-cooked with saffron and honey) from their stand for your main course.

{Zardosht persian dates stuffed with orange blossom, mascarpone and burnt almond}

{Breakfast pastries at Nude Espresso}

{Racks and racks of jewel-toned jeans at Blitz}

{Stunning flat whites at Prufrock}


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