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Test Tube Baby

Look you guys: I made a fertility joke! Chromosomes are always hilarious! They also have nothing to do with this test tube chandelier by Polish designer Pani Jurek, so we’re going to leave the zygotes at the door  and instead concentrate on what a supremely cool idea this is (except at parties, where your lighting fixture could turn into a fancy shot-glass dispensary) and marvel at how whimsical something fabricated out of entirely utilitarian components can be. You may need vast amounts of food colouring and pipe cleaners to create and clean the effect below but when I am fabulously successful, and living in a home with Scandinavian standards of interior light, I plan on stockpiling precisely those two things. Convenient, that.

{Photos via Trendland}


2 thoughts on “Test Tube Baby

  1. Big Hungry Gnomes Food Blog says:

    I recently saw a three tier chandelier of wine glasses hanging downwards, which would be an equally useful as a party piece, aswell being a beautifully designed item but this test tube chandelier is simply stunning. Someone just needs to design a line of fairy lights on which to store piping nozzles and we’ll be all sorted.

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