A Secret Worth Sharing…

In the unlikely event I didn’t rave enough about my skiing holiday last week, here are some azure snaps to remind you that the Swiss Alps are comically gorgeous at this time of year. Wherein previous years we’ve stayed in odd self-catering apartments (where ‘odd’ means ‘bidets can’t still be en vogue can they?’) or dinky chalets where it is almost impossible to sleep at night because five or six blankets are on the bed and you keep having nightmares that you’re drowning in lambswool (true story), this year we stayed at Secret Alps in the Swiss resort of Haute Nendaz: a ski apartment so good that we’ll likely grow old there. If a wall-sized window overlooking the Rhône valley (divine in the morning, when morning mist below us made it feel like we were floating in the sky) isn’t enough, then get this: the floors are heated, there’s a self-contained steam room for après-ski reheating, a chef is on hand to prepare supper and drop it off while you wrestle out of your thermals at the end of a long day and you even get towelling robes. And we all know that towelling robes are the universal, incontrovertible sign that your holiday abode is a good one. Before I reveal anymore (after all – note the name – it’s secret): the skiing is wonderful. Deserted slopes a valley away from Verbier, with surfs of fresh powder each night, perfect clear skies and long runs through icing-sugared trees. Divine.

{Mountain croque-monsieur}

{Chocolat chaud viennois: a new, sublime discovery}

{Lunch in Verbier}

{A room with a view}

{You can find the Secret Alps website here, and follow them on Twitter here}


5 thoughts on “A Secret Worth Sharing…

  1. Oli "Tomba La Bomba" Smiddy says:

    No Lycra. No bendy poles. No catching-an-edge-at-115kmph-and-wondering-whether-Cyberdyne-Systems-has-the-technology-to-turn-your-shattered-body-into-a-cyborg. No fun. Heated floors? TOWELLING ROBES?!?!? A little piece of me has died inside Randall.

    Nice pics though.

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