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Glam Rock

While the final photos of my holiday in Switzerland last week are toyed around with on Camera+ edited, I thought I’d break the suspense (I watched three Alfred Hitchcock movies while away – Rear Window and Frenzy were beyond brilliant, Saboteur less good – and so consider myself a suspense maestro) by alerting your potentially waning attention to Jim Hodges’ recent installation at the the Gladstone Gallery in New York. Shiny! Colourful! Metallics! ‘Based around a central vortex’! If jewel-toned stainless steel additions to otherwise ordinary boulders centred on a… centrifuge don’t get you excited I don’t know what will: perhaps that you’re reading the inane ramblings of a girl who is apparently incapable of writing a proper English sentence (I blame my week in Europe, where I can’t speak any of the languages either). Or that you’ve stumbled upon a fantasist who has just compared herself to Alfred Hitchcock. Take your pick.

{Photos via Trendland}


One thought on “Glam Rock

  1. Big Hungry Gnomes Food Blog says:

    Lovely installation, although I can’t decide whether the boulders look like liquid gem stones or giant foil wrapped chocolates. By the way, you ought to take a look at ‘Rope’. It’s a fantastic Hitchcock film about a murder, filmed in real time and in an unbelievable continuous ninety minute long single shot.

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