I’m back. I’m posting. Two days of radio silence do not a blogger lost to the chasms of cyberspace maketh (when did we stop calling the internet cyberspace? Also: maketh is so great), but let’s just get one thing straight: I definitely wasn’t ignoring you. I just – and this is the sort of shit that would make a nine-to-fivin’ Dolly Parton cry – had a lot on with my day job. Girl’s gotta make rent, early morning commutes in the rain make me borderline tearful, and whoever told me that peanut butter toast was not a viable supper option is in for the high jump because last night’s dinner of exactly that was so freaking good I almost ate a whole loaf. January detox is a myth anyway.

But before we get ahead of ourselves – after all, my being unglamorous is nothing new (today’s riddle: cat fur on a jumper that hasn’t met a cat) – let’s centre our collective chi on the task at hand. Which is namely ogling the very gorgeous and insanely-perfectly dressed and glossy mane’d Christine, author of hit blog Fash-n-Chips: a virtual place which makes all your visions of Amsterdam fashion, style and life whole, and all your Instagram dreams come true. Christine pitches her blog perfectly: a tiny bit of life, a little nod to movies, a lot of photos and great outfit posts that really focus in on the details and include a healthy dollop of beautiful high-street pieces. I’ve been following her avidly since I found a photo of hers on Pinterest and as a consequence Fash-n-Chips has become a favourite slice of nice to add to a long-houred day – as I hope the pictures below illustrate.

{All photos courtesy of Fash n Chips. Christine’s Facebook page is here and her Twitter is here.}


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