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There are some things we need to discuss. You and I. Me and you. You see, I have a problem. It’s a fairly First-World gripe but nevertheless: I frequently use emoticons in texts. And emails. And in handwritten notes and cards. And tweets. And I can’t stop. I know it’s bad, because grammar pedants practically have a coronary about emoticon use and ‘txt spk’ on a weekly basis. But the truth is I suffer with this pathological overuse of parentheses shiznit. And here’s the thing:  I quite like that about myself. I quite like that I can convey emotion in two characters. It’s expedient. It’s cheery.

So it gives me particular joy that the Bavarian town of Lindau, Germany, has it’s own municipal meter of happiness: the Feel-O-Meter (or ‘fuelometer’, if you’re feeling Teutonic this morning), designed by Richard Wilhelmer, Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus. More awesome is the fact that the trio have installed a digital camera on the town’s lake waterfront, which captures the faces of passersby, which are then analysed by a computer programme and classified as either happy, sad or indifferent… which then moves the steel and neon rods of the face accordingly. : )

{More images – and a video! – at DesignBoom}


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