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Han Friday

{Last Saturday night at Ridley Road Market Bar. They actually played this. And this}

Since I’ve stopped doing my weekly music round ups, it sometimes feels like this blog has suffered celebrating Friday. It’s a cliché but I love the end of the week, with the promise of the weekend stretching out in front of me – two whole days to just kick back and enjoy the view (or get in the shower too late because I’ve been re-watching Friends and then getting irritable because the whole morning has gone and I’ve only shaved one leg)  – so I’m going to reinstate a Friday round-up of sorts: a miscellany of things that have made the 9 to 5 more fun. And because I am a fearful narcissist, I’ve named this series after me (it’s still the best literary joke I’ve ever made).

{A clip that made my heart sing: Wimpy South Africa’s way of letting visually impaired customers know there would be braille menus in restaurants}

{Another day, another great clip: this one is about books. Everyone I know seemed to get a Kindle for Christmas: great for a commute, but a home without books is like a day without sun}

{This beautiful letter from John Steinbeck to his son, on the tricky subject of young love: “Nothing good gets away”}

{I fancy a winter trip to Columbia Road Flower Market, largely inspired by these beautiful photographs}


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