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Lord, Byron

So there’s a reason yesterday’s post was a clip, albeit, a very wonderful clip: I was too excited the night before to write anything because this kid arrived back in London. Which kind of completely rocks. Anyway, it means that my editorial schedule is now out of whack, but that is no more than a niche first-world problem. So instead let’s forget that schedule and go with the flow. Or drop beats with the meat (for the avoidance of doubt: I’m dying with rhyming irony over here), because I managed to swipe a few pictures of last night’s trip to Byron – a bit of a celebration, but actually just an excuse to grab one of the best burgers in London – and I would just like to salivate over my meal a little longer.

If you’ve read this blog even once I would hope it’s become abundantly clear that I quite like burgers. And pasta. And beer. And peanut butter. And generally things that are high in calories, saturated fat and sugar and very low in any nutritional content. And that is how I plan on styling it, as long as my metabolism lets me. So Byron, being the home of unbelievably good burgers, and sides like courgette fries and proper macaroni cheese and craft beer is high on my list of favourite places to go. We (me and him) have been to a couple of Byron’s round London – they’re popping up like daisies – and though the concept remains unchanged from place to place, I’ve got a soft-spot for the Islington branch with it’s up-cycled appearance, cheery staff and convenient location on the way home. Pro tip: get a cheeseburger (they’ve only got about five burger options – I like that. Decisive menu construction right there. Not overcomplicating stuff) with American cheese, top it up with fries (regular or courgette) and swill with Goose Island Honker’s Ale. Done.

{Also, in lieu of Instagram, I’ve been using Camera+. And it’s brilliant. And so colourful}


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