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Steel Magnolias

Fun fact: I’ve never watched the movie Steel Magnolias. Nor have I watched Jerry Maguire. I’m not sure why I’ve always thought the two are related – a cursory glance on movie websites tells me the casts are totally different – but for years I’ve classed them in the same bracket, as if they might one day be paired on a double disc DVD offer. However, this is all a non-sequitur to the real point of this post – which is literally about steel flowers and other less-petalled plant specimens. Namely, it is about Blackfield, an installation by London-based artist Zadok Ben David, which incorporates 12,000 cut steel botanical specimens modeled from old textbook illustrations, ‘planted’ in a thin layer of sand. When first seen metal meadow looks black, but one moves around the installation it magically turns technicolour. Not very magnolia at all.

{Images via This is Colossal}


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