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Top Of The Knots

I was going to start this post saying how much I have a ‘thing for topknots’ and then segue into a quick precis of exactly why: because they always look fun, they’re amazingly easy to do – and I am nothing if not lazy when it comes to my hair – and they add a punky chic to outfits either intricate or simple.

Except it took me so damned long to crop these photos* for reasons largely to do with my own sorry ineptitude with various photo editing software that I’m now clawing my laptop in maniacal irritation and can’t think a poetic or fashionable way to say all the above, save perhaps that since I got myself a fringe, I’ve really missed being able to throw my hair up quite like this. And because I have the hugest mouth (there becomes a point when channelling Mick Jagger just doesn’t work, and that’s when you actually have almost the exact facial featuresworking a bright red flash of lipstick with a quick updo is a minefield of looking like you may have been punched in the mouth. A minefield, you’ll be pleased to know, which I’m attempting to clear sharpish. Panic over.

* If they still aren’t cropped when I click publish, I give up. The blog has become it’s own editor. They worked on the secret test blog I have. I’ve even edited the HTML coding. It’s a first world apocalypse.

{Sources: The Sartorialist, CouldIHaveThat, FashnChips, Rockstar Diaries, Pinterest}


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