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Glam Rock

While the final photos of my holiday in Switzerland last week are toyed around with on Camera+ edited, I thought I’d break the suspense (I watched three Alfred Hitchcock movies while away – Rear Window and Frenzy were beyond brilliant, Saboteur less good – and so consider myself a suspense maestro) by alerting your potentially waning attention to Jim Hodges’ recent installation at the the Gladstone Gallery in New York. Shiny! Colourful! Metallics! ‘Based around a central vortex’! If jewel-toned stainless steel additions to otherwise ordinary boulders centred on a… centrifuge don’t get you excited I don’t know what will: perhaps that you’re reading the inane ramblings of a girl who is apparently incapable of writing a proper English sentence (I blame my week in Europe, where I can’t speak any of the languages either). Or that you’ve stumbled upon a fantasist who has just compared herself to Alfred Hitchcock. Take your pick.

{Photos via Trendland}


Han Friday

{Hot salad of roasted sweet potato wedges on rocket with feta, pine nuts and cracked pepper}

It’s Friday, you’re in love! Seriously though, dear readers: in a week that felt freakishly long and desk-bound, it truly is the little, lovely things (or that enormous salad concoction above: roast the wedges in a dash of olive oil and sea salt for 35 minutes for the best results) that have been my crutch. London weather has lived up to it’s appalling reputation, with sodden days that never seem to have got light and I’ve lurched home each night with a pounding headache, lethargic with sleeplessness and with fifty things scooting through my mind. Things came to a head last night, when I burst into tears in the middle of Oxford Street for no real reason at all (rationally I know that buying a pair of jeans and supplies for a skiing holiday next week are a lovely chore to have to do, but I had a moment regardless), and had to be coaxed back into sanity with fish and chips and a humungous hug. Simple, but highly effective.

{Infra red photos of Hong Kong – my hometown! – via Honestly WTF}

{Addicted to this song: this version is awesome too}

{Brooklyn Winter Ale at Off Broadway}