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I’ve delayed writing a post today for the very simple reason that I got lost down the rabbit hole Pinterest, and after having to break (for a pee. If you must know) I remembered that I was a post down on today and that getting evangelical (not really) about mood boards was just the ticket to fill the gap. I’ve been a crafter of scrapbooks, look books, and an altogether heavyweight filer-of-photos for a great deal of my teenage and adult life, and so when I found out about Pinterest, I dived straight in. I have to admit, it’s taken me a little while to get going – with some ‘boards’ woefully empty – but I’m there now and I’ve experienced a little squirm every time someone else has validated my existence re-pinned my photos. Here are some of my recent – and entirely random – favourites, and if you fancy popping by to say hi, my profile is here


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