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Winter Palace

I’ve called it: we’re totally on the home run to Christmas now. I’m not returning to work until the 3rd January (honestly, this week is the best week of the year to take off) and I’ve already made the most of turning off my alarm clock and having ample time to cook a proper breakfast: a huge portion of eggs in baskets, wolfed down with lashings of Ketchup and orange juice and coffee. Winning, much?

However, before I spiral away into an egg ‘n’ ketchup shaped daydream: let’s deal with the business at hand. Which specifically is a shoot by Alexander Neumann for Officiel that I’ve got a lot of Christmas love for. You see, I’ll be home soon and watching Anastasia on repeat and these incredible pieces are almost exactly what I figure a deposed Russian princess would wear (played here by Naomi Preizler) as she wafted around empty, gilded rooms in the forgotten Winter Palace singing to herself while unwittingly moving ever closer to the evil clutches of Ra-Ra-Rasputin and his bat-sidekick Bartok. Tenuous connection maybe, but watch Anastasia just once and you’ll know exactly what I’m on about.

{More photos of Naomi here}
{Photo credit for outdoor scenes: This is Glamorous}


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