It’s Beginning To Look…

I will leave you to fill in the blanks to this posts title, but suffice to say, I’m feeling very festive all of a sudden.

This is a little to do with seasonal music, a little to do with Starbucks Red Cups and a little to do with the prospect of our work Christmas party tonight. Mostly though, it’s a lot to do with a very homely couple of days in the countryside last weekend, complete with piles of food, frosty country air, mulled wine, twilight shopping for gifts and excessive stollen consumption while my Mother and I made neat work of acquiring, sawing and erecting a Christmas tree. Though it’s certainly smaller than previous years (no brothers or boyfriends were around to manhandle larger conifers) it’s cute and perfectly formed and before I hopped on the train back to London, we even managed to get the lights untangled and going: a modern Christmas miracle.

{Christmas nails in Collection 2000’s ‘Buried Treasure’ & Rimmel’s Sparkled Top Coat}


{Christmas lights in my hometown, Stroud}

{The tree in full, complete with shedding needles, and wonky branches}

{There’s always one: the heads on the snowmen in the top two windows even swivel}


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