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It’s been a while since this blog went all ‘nerd’ for the day, and because there’s no time like the present (and because we’ve found another Earth) I thought it was high time we talked about the universe.

Not in a Stephen-Hawkinsy way mind: firstly, I can’t communicate in monotone and secondly (and more importantly), I’m not all that clever. Today class, we will instead be discussing comics. Specifically, Planet Comics, a hilarious series that ran from January 1940 to Winter 1953, which pontificated on life on other celestial bodies in our solar system.

So Jupiter, like a hot Narnia, had centaur aliens; a heavily-muscled Saturn ruled his jungle home in a fetch pair of leopard print Speedos; and on Uranus, heat-resistant women got kidnapped by amorous cyclops. One giant leap indeed. Want to find out more? They’re here, in all their glory.


{All photos via The Retronaut}


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