MTV Generation

I’ll give you the skinny, before you think this blog is going to go all deep and critique the fripperies of modern life as it’s title so erroneously suggests: it’s rare that I listen to a song, like it, and then swiftly move on to the album and back catalogue. That’s not to say I don’t like songs: as it happens (to the detriment of my relationship with my boyfriend) I kind of like songs more than whole albums. Which means that when I like stuff, I tend to just listen to singles on repeat forever and am therefore the worst. sort. of. music. fan.

I’m flying off on a tangent. Gather, Winslet.

These are two videos (and tracks) that I’ve been all sorts of lost in recently and because I totally heart them, I totally think you should totally watch them, so that you might totally heart them too.

Totally heart (Mosshart).


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