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Winter Wonderland

Is it too early to crack out the Christmas references? Really? It’s the first of December. Please. I totally opened my first advent calendar window. And big news: we’ve even got Advent calendars on our work desks this year. Thanks, boss.

Anyway: this is today’s mood – as inspired by Gordon Esler’s beautiful photo of Greenwich Naval College in the snow last year, and you know, the date – which I will call Grey With A Hint Of Silly And Glacier. Oh yeah. This is totally getting geological, scientists. Though it hasn’t snowed yet (Met Office: we’re waiting. You promised), the weather has got very wintery in the past few days. I’ve just added to my own collection of chunky, winter knits (thanks H&M, you da man) – in fact, I’m wearing this H&M knit right now – and I’ve got my eye on another charcoal grey boyfriend cut coat. Which means I think I sense a fashion shoot Instagram gallery coming on.

N.B. For the avoidance of doubt: ‘today’s mood’ does not mean I’ve worn a feathered white couture gown to work. Though that doesn’t mean one day I won’t.

{Greenwich Naval College by Gordon Esler}

{Dior Haute Couture}

{Playing Snowball}

{Driving Home For Christmas}

{Lisanne de Jong by Miguel Reveriego, Harpers Bazaar UK, November 2011}




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