So this may be a timed post – I can predict now that childish excitement about Santa’s overnight visit will be supplanted by a bit of a red wine lie-in tomorrow morning and it’s likely that when this post goes live, I’ll still be hiding from the world and anything with an in-built camera – but the sentiment is still very much real: Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year from me!

I’m going take a short break from blogging until the New Year – I’m heading to Scotland for Hogmanay, and laptops and six-hour train journeys from London to Edinburgh and onwards never really get on well – but I will be back with so much cool stuff in 2012 it will be worth the wait.

Until then, have a wonderful time with you and your kin, and here are a few photos from the last few nights at home for you to enjoy.


Hannah x

{The tree, in all it’s ‘finished’ glory: complete with ping-pong headed angels, and bake-clay glittered decorations I made when I was three}

{Sunrise over the hills on Christmas Eve morning. I can’t get over the colour of the sky}

{Charades, and satsumas. This year’s game was a marathon}

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I’ve delayed writing a post today for the very simple reason that I got lost down the rabbit hole Pinterest, and after having to break (for a pee. If you must know) I remembered that I was a post down on today and that getting evangelical (not really) about mood boards was just the ticket to fill the gap. I’ve been a crafter of scrapbooks, look books, and an altogether heavyweight filer-of-photos for a great deal of my teenage and adult life, and so when I found out about Pinterest, I dived straight in. I have to admit, it’s taken me a little while to get going – with some ‘boards’ woefully empty – but I’m there now and I’ve experienced a little squirm every time someone else has validated my existence re-pinned my photos. Here are some of my recent – and entirely random – favourites, and if you fancy popping by to say hi, my profile is here

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Beaming Geometry

I could probably turn Red Nails into a blog solely devoted to photographs of cool light and smoke installations and no one would know any better. While I’m going to park editorial redirection for the moment, the work of Jim Sanborn, an American artist and sculptor, is worth considering. His long exposure photos of gigantic light-installations in the American and Irish wilderness, are eerily stunning – framing the enormous scale of the natural monuments with their geometric beams. I particularly like pictures 2 and 4 (in order of scrolling) with the constellations captured so perfectly behind them.

{Bandon, Oregon}

{Cainville, Utah}

{Rough Rock, Arizona}

{Notom, Utah}

{Longsturn, County Cork, Ireland}