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Doodle Bug

I’d like to think I’ve achieved a lot in twenty three years on this planet. I can’t drive or cartwheel, but I make a mean cup of tea, and once upon a time I left university with a degree and I’m always on time for dentist appointments and national train travel and I recycle a whole tonne of stuff (on this, Hackney Council you’re hampering my efforts. It’s been three weeks now. Pick it up)  but I can safely say, that despite sustained and frequent efforts in various lectures, bus rides and talks, I have never created anything with a biro as wacky and cool as these paintings by Shane McAdams, which use ball point pen ink. Indeed, I think the farthest I’ve ever got was the biggest game of squares ever seen. In fairness, I only have the Bic biro itself – Brooklyn-based McAdams heats the ink and uses solvents before working the ink and resin mix onto panels – but you get my drift: dude’s the doodle king.

{More images here}


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