Friday Playlist

So: about the series of posts titled ‘Songs To Make You Smile’.

It’s being rebranded (see above).

But wait up: it’s not all that bad kids. It’s just because I really have a penchant for playing morose, sad, weepy songs of an afternoon, and the title, dear readers, did not fit the content. Plus, having a song for every single day sometimes felt a little forced. Lovely to pick but if say, I was on a Beatles marathon, which tracks do you choose? So yes. It’s going to get a little longer some weeks, a little shorter others, but it’s still going to be muzak that I like that I hope you do too.They just might make you bawl and remember the first girlfriend that wore real lipstick and dumped you in a diner and ran off with your best friend and the school’s quarterback. What am I saying? I’m British. We don’t have quarterbacks. There’s a small insight on my impression of American High School right there though. 

Without further ado, here’s this week’s selection.

Happy listening and happy Friday!


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