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Psychedelic Mole

Weird title hey? I know. And that’s because for one very good reason. I was toying with the word ‘walkways’ for the title. Or ‘pathways’. And both weren’t quite working out. Firstly, they made me think of crossroads (so far, so logical) and then I couldn’t stop thinking of the Britney Spears movie. You remember – the one so bad that not even Kim Cattrall as her long lost mother could liven things up. And while Red Nails has nada against Britney (save perhaps the song ‘Lucky’ – which has a nasty habit of getting in my head) references to the film just didn’t do the following tunnels yeah. A blog on tunnels justice.

For example, you wouldn’t know this post would then go on to praise the epic loveliness of a boulevard of cherry blossom in Bonn or a real railway tunnel made of trees in Kleven, Ukraine? I mean, that vegetation right there has been cultivated for years to look like that. And while Britney is capable of conveying a lot lyrically (case in point: Toxic. Brilliant song), I’m not sure she’s capable of saying “Don’t hold me to it but didn’t P.Diddy / Puff Daddy / Puff Pastry gesticulate down that tunnel in Miami International Airport for the video for ‘Every Breath You Take’?” between the bridge and chorus of Sometimes.

So yeah. Psychedelic mole. Moles do tunnels well. And I guess Moley would feel pretty spun out by any of the below.

{Bonn, Germany}

{Miami International Airport}

{Kleven, Ukraine}

{Snowy trees, just in time for Christmas}

{Olafur Eliasson, One-Way Colour Tunnel, 2007}


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