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Broadway x Burgers x Beer

Breaking news folks: not that CERN neutrino news. Potentially unravelling Einstein’s theory of relativity is old hat man I have found the best bar to burger to brewery route in London. And it takes all of about two minutes to walk between each.

I know what you’re thinking: pretty massive news, Randall. Pretty long limb right there. Whaddaya think you’re Elvis or something? Prove it. And indeed it is. And indeed I will.

You start off at Broadway Market. Let’s say six, when most of the prams and hot young parents have gone home for baby yoga. Head to Off Broadway, on the corner of Dericote Street. Drink cocktails. Or PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon, for the uninitiated), if you’ve got Williamsburg-shaped aspirations. Indulge in nachos. The bar staff are lovely. Make pals with them. You will feel cooler for it.

Stage one, done. Simple pimple. Stage two: it’s around eight and you’re feeling hungry. Need to fill your boots? Pootle round see: the journeys are so short I’m making up verbs here to Netil House (Or Netil Market. Or Netil House Carpark: there seems to be some confusion) where you’ll find a Lucky Chip burger van.

{Assembly line}

I’m not kidding when I say this: these are some of the greatest burgers on the planet. They were so good I couldn’t decide whether to eat it, or just drape the contents of the bun over my face. They were so good that the novelty my American boyfriend derived from finding a hot dog that actually tasted like it was from Chicago, soon wore off and he almost tearfully admitted he’d preferred a bit of my Sheen.

That’s not a euphemism. 

Moreover, because it was dark and we were in East London the nice guys at Netil House / Market / Carpark even made us a bucket fire.

Yeah. Correctamundo. You finish your meal smelling of bacon and bonfire. My child, this is the stuff of legends.

Stage three (if you were doing the Tour de France, this would be the leg between Olonne-sur-Mer and Redon, but you’re not. So keep that in your mind for the hardest pub quiz you might one day do): London Fields Brewery.

Opened in August, the brewery is one of the newer fixtures on London’s craft beer circuit. And it’s good. Real good.

Beer is brewed on site – the bar itself is part brewery, part yard – and as well as brewing traditional English ales and European lagers, American and antipodean influences come into play (apparently: I was too busy hooking myself around a pint of ‘Golden’ and scribbling on the makeshift tables).

And for something that’s only really got going very recently, it seems to have entrenched itself extraordinarily well. It was lovely, with a surprisingly cosy family vibe – it helped that it was cold out, and patrons were huddled under heat lamps – and I’ve already crafted a plan to go back, and try out the rest of the menu.

Check out the map below to plan your own beery, bonfirey, burgery roadtrip:


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