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Now I’ve been working, for real, in a proper job, for over a year (before that: university, before ya’ll wonder whether I was a vagrant or not), I’ve realised what an insanely precious commodity lazy weekends have become – and how much the promise of a lie-in, lots of slow-cooked food, fresh air and movies in bed gets me through the Monday to Friday grind.

Here’s a few snaps (thanks, Instagram. I totally made your filter my bitch)  from last weekend, which between Borough Market treats, a wander through Regents Park and the first instalment of Martin Scorcese’s wonderfully lovely George Harrison documentary Living In A Material World, was one that I’d quite like to do all over again. After all, Friday evening is now only T-29 hours…

{Flowerpot Bread loaves at Borough Market}

{Pistachio, lavender and chocolate macaroons}

{Sunday morning coffee pit stop at the corner shop}

{Fresh bounty under the corner shop awnings}

{Autumn rainbows on Hampstead Heath}

{Kenwood House in the November sunshine}


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