Songs To Make You Smile: 7 – 11 November

Just in case you missed it, shit got binary today. Which I was kind of glad about, because it meant the fact that my poppy went missing between leaving the house and arriving in a public building (Liverpool Street railway station, if you must know) went unnoticed, and I felt minutely less guilty as Laurence Binyon lines rolled round my head – a by-product of too many November Sundays spent standing to attention as an army cadet on the little green in the village next to my school. Not (before this posts adds to the see-saw debate about wearing a poppy or not) that one should feel guilty – just that I did.

I think I’m going to head to Kew Gardens this weekend – for the first times since I was about two. The sun is meant to be shining and the properly autumnal weather over the past three days has lent itself to leaf-kicking and hot drinks and cold toes so a trundle round there seems like a picturesque way to spend an afternoon, even if it might be a bit of a schlep. I’m also deliberating whether to start making Christmas Cake – prompted by this tear-inducing (and Smiths massacring) John Lewis advert. But when I say deliberating, I really mean, ‘putting it on my list of things to do sometime soon’. What’s everyone else up to?

Happy listening and happy Friday!

Monday: M. Ward – Rave On

Tuesday: The Box Tops – The Letter

Wednesday: Andy Samberg x Will Ferrell x JJ Abrams – Cool Guys Don’t Look At Explosions

Thursday: Jimmy Cliff – I Can See Clearly Now

Friday: Fyfe Dangerfield – She’s Always A Woman


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